Digital + Analogue Joy

Sunday Synth Jam: This synth jam, via , features a mix of cheap lo-fi vintage gear with modular synths.

Technical details:

  • Recorded and Mastered in Sonar via Audio Kontrol 1
  • Game Boy bought at Berlin flea market running Nanoloop
  • Game Boy stereo signal split and routed into Diode Filter+Waveshaper, and a Spring Reverb.
  • Casio VL-Tone mixed into the VCA, VCF, and external input of the A-111-5 (Dark Energy Module)

One thought on “Digital + Analogue Joy

  1. Who needs the modular if you have a Game Boy (preferably old school before the smaller “Game Boy Pocket”) and a VL-tone? 😉

    The VL-tone was my first exposure to an ADSR envelope (also multiple waveforms and an LFO if I recall correctly…) !

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