Amidio Announces Cycloop, A New iPad DAW

cycloopAmidio has announced a new iPad DAW, Cycloop, that they call the mobile ‘daw of our dreams’:

We are not going to make a clone of existing DAW apps. Instead, we choose a special way, something you’ve never seen before. Cycloop is going to inherit certain decisions from the famous DOS trackers (Scream, Impulse, Fast trackers), along with some Songineer and motives.

Expect an app that can possibly fulfill any mobile musician’s needs. Multitracking, plugin-based insert & send FX, built-in IDM and randomizer tricks, scale manipulations and flexible sample/synth architecture. All that packed (but not crowded) in just several clean-designed screens (no neon this time!) of pure touchscreen music-making goodness, and working in conjuction with our existing (and future) apps.

Cycloop will run only on the iPad. We will reveal more details as we proceed with the development. As of today, the design is finished (which took an incredible amount of planning and prototyping), fully documented and the code is at 10% completion mark. We are musicians ourselves and strongly keen to release an first-class, mind-blowing app. If everything goes well, it could happen in late Summer.

WIth 90% of the coding to be done, it could also not happen in late Summer. We’ll look forward to hearing more about Cycloop as Amidio gets closer to releasing it.

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14 thoughts on “Amidio Announces Cycloop, A New iPad DAW

  1. Slow news day was it? This really is scraping the bottom of the barrel. Here’s my contribution, please feel free to put on the front page.

    News flash. For immediate release. I’ve written some software, I intend to write some more, it’s going to be awesome! I expect to release in summer, unless I don’t.

    1. I understand you have never heard of Amidio?

      Do you also go in a blind rage every time a movie teaser is on tv?

    2. I agree. This is like an “under construction” page on a web site. No ill will intended to the developer, I hope they do well.

  2. Here’s our chance to get in on the ground floor with the developer!

    I think one of the main disappointments with many music making apps is the assumption that we should only make songs with 4/4, 16 steps. I like seeing “scale manipulations” in the feature list. But if at all possible, please allow 2-32 beats per measure (changeable every bar), allow beats to be subdivided by any integer from 2-16 (also changeable per beat). Also, please allow a new tempo at every beat. With those three features, the rhythmic possibilities are now wide open. Even if only a few people use those features it will make for more interesting music.

    1. Thank you for your suggestions!

      It’s always a compromise between the technical part and the design sheet. In Cycloop, it will be possible to divide the beat in 3/4/6/8 ticks, and have as many rows / lines per beat as you wish. Changeable tempo will result in synced delay FX glitches, but it is likely we will find a way to overcome this.

      Big thanks to Synthtopia for posting this little bit of news. This is not an official press release, just the first announcement.

      1. Ilya

        Thanks for the response!

        It’s clear that readers are interested in your app – but also questioning the early announcement. Let us know as you have more definite news on the app and we will be glad to share it with readers!

  3. Does a positive response really hurt anything at all? I don’t make a dime from Amidio, but I certainly do support any effort to improve iOS music. I say if they can make it, bring it on.

  4. I’ve been unhappy with Amidio ever since they kept selling Pro for ages after it had apparently stopped producing sound of any kind. Their support was completely unresponsive, and then vanished entirely.

    I still have it in my iTunes library for some reason. I might have liked it if it had been able to produce sound, but I guess I’ll never know.

  5. Amidio apps are always interesting, but I have to say I’m really getting tired of how they do things. Amidio come up with an interesting idea, make an app, and then WHAMMO – on to the next brilliant shiny idea, like an easily distracted magpie. I have very rarely seen Amidio stand behind their own apps! It’s almost as if the creative team there gets tired of an app as soon as it ‘works’.

    Which is a real shame, because although most of their apps have so far looked like toys, they have often been quite powerful toys rendered useless by the lack of updates 🙁

    And yes, I know Seline and a couple of others HAVE had updates, but I’ve been following Amidio from back in the day, Star Melody and all that stuff – and the amount of apps that get lost in the ‘legacy’ drawer is off-putting.

    This isn’t a hate message, I LIKE Amidio apps, in fact I like them enough that I’m pissed off at them getting dumped for the next ‘hot’ app idea.

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