Panorama P1 For Cubase, Nuendo & Reason Now Available


Nektar has announced that they are now shipping the Panorama P1 controller, introduced at the 2013 NAMM Show.

The Panorama P1 is a compact control surface with 66 real-time controls, a color high-resolution TFT display and deep integration with Cubase, Nuendo and Reason.

Key Features:

  • Cubase and Nuendo support offers full navigation of the sequencer tracks, mixer, insert and instrument plug-ins, as well as project navigation.
  • Panorama comes pre-mapped for more than 250 plug-ins, including all Steinberg branded plug-ins. Each map can be customized by the user using the unique Panorama “Learn” function. Users can also utilize the “Learn” function to create basic maps for plug-ins that have not yet been pre-mapped by Nektar.
  • Panorama users who ReWire Reason to Cubase/Nuendo can also take advantage of the real-time DAW switching that allows Panorama to control either Reason or Cubase at any one time. There is no loss of control functionality so the full 3 modes, Mixer, Instrument and Transport are available as you switch back and forth between Cubase/Nuendo and Reason.
  • The TFT display provides ongoing navigation and parameter feedback so there is no need to look at the computer monitor. The ReWire switching is color coded to make sure you always know which DAW you are controlling.
  • Panorama P1 is also is a comprehensive USB MIDI controller. Each assignable control can be programmed to send MIDI messages and any of the buttons are capable of sending QWERTY macros of up to 8 computer shortcut commands, as well as be programmed to load any preset or map.

The Panorama P1 is available now for US $349.99/Euro 289.99/GBP 244.99. See the Nektar site for details.

Note: The Cubase/Nuendo implementation supports the entire Panorama range. Existing P4 and P6 users can download it immediately from the Nektar website.

2 thoughts on “Panorama P1 For Cubase, Nuendo & Reason Now Available

  1. That’s a nice little controller! I assume that you could manually map everything to an Ableton session? I use it as much as Cubase.

  2. nice – defiantly – little, not so much. roughly size of 2x launchpads side by side.
    but yes, its ‘internal’ mode is quite powerful – can change the cc’s it sends right from the LCD, as well as keystrokes. easy navigation to say the least. my only quam is it clouds ableton’s midi preferences with ~7 different ‘virtual’ midi ports. yes, only complaint.

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