Novation EDM Party, May 18, Hollywood


Hey, Southern California readers: Synth-maker Novation is hosting a free event tomorrow night (May 18) at the Musicians’ Institute in Hollywood, featuring live electronic performances and their latest gear.

LA-based DJs and producers on the bill include Daedelus, Thavius Beck, and Musicians’ Institute teacher Tommy Boy, as well as French turntablist DJ Swift.

The latest Novation gear, including the new Launchpad S, will be on hand in a demonstration area, and guests will have a chance to win Novation raffle prizes throughout the evening.

The Novation event is to be held Saturday, May 18, 7 – 10pm, at the Musicians’ Institute Concert Hall.

The event is free and open to the public. RSVP requested: text the word “NOVATION” to 69302, or go to the event page on Facebook.

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