Free Integra-7 Plugin For Mac Integrates With Your DAW


Roland has released a free Integra-7 Editor for Mac.

The Roland Integra-7 is the company’s flagship sound module, offering 6,000+ presets, 16 parts and Roland’s latest synthesis technologies.

The new Editor provides visual control of the INTEGRA-7 parameters. A VST instrument (VSTi) version and an Audio Units (AU) version are both available, integrating the INTEGRA-7 into your Mac-based DAW for rapid workflow and instant recall.

See the Roland site for additional details.

3 thoughts on “Free Integra-7 Plugin For Mac Integrates With Your DAW

  1. Is there a Windows version? I was going to buy the Integra-7 due to the large amount of sounds but if Roland doesn’t support Windows I will find something else.

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