Ghostwave Audio Releases Synplant Soundset, Cellspace Vol.1

cellspaceGhostwave Audio has announced that Cellspace vol.1, a new soundset for Sonic Charge Synplant, is now available.

This bank is designed to be used in ambient and electronica productions, though it is also suitable for any type of electronic music. This expansion extensively uses Synplant’s lush internal reverb for added depth.

This bank contains 64 patches:

  • 1 arp.
  • 1 keyboards.
  • 2 leads.
  • 4 mallets.
  • 26 pads.
  • 7 plucked.
  • 1 sequence.
  • 2 sound effects.
  • 20 synths.

Here’s an audio demo:

The soundset is available immediately from the Ghostwave Audio website, priced at US $13.90. 10% of the proceedings will go to Friends of the Earth. A free 8-patch bank can be found on the website.

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