Tracktion 4 Now Available For Linux

tracktion-linuxTracktion Software Corporation (TSC) has announced that Tracktion 4 is now available for 64-bit Linux systems, as a public beta.

The Linux version joins the Mac & WIndows versions of Tracktion 4, introduced at this year’s NAMM Show.

“Linux users, much like Tracktion users, have always been on the cutting edge of technology and willing to look beyond the status quo for alternative solutions,” explained Julian Storer, creator and chief developer of Tracktion software.

“Bringing Tracktion to Linux just makes sense,” says Tracktion creator Julian Storer. “I’m extremely excited to open a whole new community to the joy of music creation in their preferred environment.”


Tracktion 4 has been tested and is fully supported for use with the following operating systems:

  • OSX 10.7.x & 10.8.x
  • Windows 7 & 8 (64 and 32-bit versions)
  • Linux (Ubuntu 12)

Pricing and Availability

Tracktion 4 is currently available online at for $59.99 USD for a new license, or $29.99 USD as an upgrade from any previous version. The Tracktion 4 Linux version is initially free to everyone during the current public beta phase at (scroll to bottom of page). Tracktion 4 is free with the purchase of select interfaces, mixers and control surfaces from Behringer and Mackie.

6 thoughts on “Tracktion 4 Now Available For Linux

  1. every developer should develop for Linux. I would love to give up paying out the arse for Macs or making a system just to run horrible Windows

    1. Until there are rock solid off the shelf Linus boxes, I can’t see this selling a lot. Not when you can have a killer Mac for about a grand.

      And Windows has become a utter and total cluster. Seriously – the big feature people are waiting for in the next version is for Microsoft to bring back the start menu and get rid of Metro.

      Why is Balmer still in charge?

      If Gates was still running the show, Microsoft would not be getting its ass handed to it in mobile, tablets and gaming systems.

  2. @John Yes, some VST plugins run with the help of special Linux VST hosts, which use Wine to load Windows plugins. Some plugins run without a problem, sometimes there are minor problems like errors in the GUI and some plugins do not run at all (mostly the ones with copy-protection that relies on license manager programs or USB dongles).

    For example, I can run the Korg Wavestation Legacy plugin on my very slow, but almost silent, nettop PC running Ubuntu 12.04.

    Some plugins, which do not work with linux VST hosts like the ones described above, can be used under Linux by running a Windows DAW under Wine, e.g. Reaper and loading the plugin in this DAW.

    I am definitely trying out Tracktion on Linux. I have been using Tracktion 3 on Windows and OS X for years and like it very much.

  3. Hi I brought a Behringer x1832 USB Mixer on amazon , part of the package is a free Tracktion 4 software download , could you assist me ? thanks . sherma

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