Devo Gets Mutated

Reader Ed Dahl shared with us this ‘mutated cover of a Devo song’, the SpacEKrafT take on Devo’s Triumph of the WIll.

SpacEKrafT’s Kurt Stenzel has this to say about the video:

About 2 years ago, when I told Mark Mothersbaugh I was scoring a film about Jodorowsky, he looked at me, paused, and said “that’s a real opportunity.”

I said, “yes, I know, what’s your advice?”

Mark said: “DON’T FUCK UP.”

HA! Yes sir!

Around that time, Toth Wilder of the Church of the Subgenius asked SpacEKrafT to do a cover of a Devo song–Edward W. Dahl and I said “hmmmm, we don’t do covers, PERFECT.”

I went to my brother Jim Starace for help with some video footage to go with the song. After Jim died in November, I was going through our email correspondence, and I found a link I hadn’t seen. It turns out Jim had made a whole music video– my last collaboration with my very dear friend.

Here’s to the artists in my life–may we all remain Triumphantly Unwilling!

via SpacEKrafT’s Ed Dahl

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  1. “your excrement. you can change yourself into gold.

    you broke the looking glass. now, break the stone.

    this stone has a soul, formed by the work of millions of years”

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