TEControl Intros Headset For Its USB MIDI Breath Controller


Recently, we featured the TEControl USB MIDI breath controller, which is designed to convert breath pressure into MIDI CC messages.

EControl has introduced a headset that’s designed to be flexible to let you bend it to a comfortable shape, yet still springy enough to stay in place on your head. It includes a Yamaha BC3a type mouthpiece, with adjustable bleed.

The mouthpiece can be rotated away from your mouth when you are not using it. The silicone tube delivered with the USB MIDI Breath Controller connects directly to the headset.

Many synthesists find breath controllers especially useful when working with brass and wind virtual instruments.

The headset is available for 30 Euro; the USB MIDI controller is priced at 100 Euro.

via reader Marcus Dittrich

6 thoughts on “TEControl Intros Headset For Its USB MIDI Breath Controller

  1. Price seems a bit steep for a hollow bit of molded plastic. But I guess they won’t be selling these by the thousands. I’d give them major points if they released a file for 3D printing it.

    1. Make a better and cheaper breathcontrol yourself.
      It actually includes some electronics and software as well.
      // Morgan

  2. I think the price point is quite reasonable, especially considering that this is a bit of a niche product. Costs a whole lot less than the used, near-impossible to find BC-3, and no need for a BC port or black box converter. Software looks good too.
    Thumbs up, says I !

  3. I was lucky enough to get my hands on one of these devices and I can tell you that the thing is great fun, works perfectly, is easy to use as far as assigning CC numbers. I also love the fact that there are a number of different breath controllers included (a single straight tube, a brass emulator mouthpiece, and this old style Yamaha type controller).
    I really like the straight tube one, since it barely makes any breath noise IF you want it to. In fact, if you can get used to just using your tongue to generate pressure in your mouth, it can make no sound at all.
    If you need a breath based controller for whatever, this device is perfect!
    George Leger III

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