New USB MIDI Breath Controller

usb-midi-breath-controllerReader Max Milligan let us know about a new USB MIDI Breath Controller from TEControl

The MIDI Breath Controller has the same function as a combination of the Yamaha BC3A and the ‘MIDI solution’ converter box, but with a USB interface.

The MIDI Breath Controller uses a novel signal processing algorithm to transform the breath pressure signal to MIDI cc messages that let you add realistic expression to your performance. This is useful for live performance with synthesizers and DAWs, giving you control of volume, expression and other parameters of soft synths and sample libraries

It is fully configurable with min/max input and output ranges as well as sensitivity curve.

Here is a user demo, by Torley:


  • Software configurable min/max input and out ranges, sensitivity, MIDI channel and MIDI cc
  • Save and load your presets
  • Insensitive to ambient pressure
  • Full resolution for all input ranges (MIDI 0-127)
  • Firmware upgradable for future enhancements
  • USB powered

It’s available for 100 Euro via TEControl. A review is available at Film Music Mag.

24 thoughts on “New USB MIDI Breath Controller

  1. Mine is at the post office right now. Will be picking up later today. It’s been out for a little while now (so not entirely new). If there was a way to post a review here, I would, but something is broken about the feedback form.

      1. Ok. It is working now. I tried a dozen times last month when I had a metronomics review (which I posted in the forums), it kept saying there was an error. I’m sure I used Synthtopia, but I’m not sure I capitalized it.

    1. Still though, there seems to be no kind of spit valve mentioned. I know they dont want to talk about it man, but spit ends up somewhere, Just looks to me, like it ends up coming out of the usb port, even if its safely, it would drip onto my stuff 😛

  2. A wireless version would be nice. Also a small plastic mount to attach the mouthpiece to a lightweight headset (think phone operators/representatives headset), so you could grab onto it with your mouth and then quickly release it when you’re finished with that section of the track. Or something like Bob Dylan’s/Stevie Wonder’s neckrest for harmonica – it’s there when you need it; out of the way when you are done with it.

  3. I have just received this breath controller and it is really fantastic with Samplemodeling VIs! What a great purchase.

  4. I am a keyboard player and use samplemodeling virtual instruments. Never had a breath controller before buying it from TEControl and I have to say this is an outstanding device.

    Breath Controller is in the MIDI standard on CC2 and I wonder why there are so many expression pedals out there and only one breath controller which, in my opinion, is so much better than expression pedal for woodwinds and brass…

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