csSpectral Sneak Preview

This video, via Christopher Konopka, is a sneak preview – or at least a teaser – of Boulanger Labs’ csSpectral for iPad.

csSpectral is an audio processing app for vocoding, convolution, and spectral processing. It’s based on Csound – a programming language optimized for sound processing. 

Boulanger Labs has previously released csGrain, a real-time audio processort for iOS, also based on Csound.

In this demo, Takahiko Tsuchiya (Lead Sound Designer) plays violin and Paul Batchelor (SpectralEQ Designer) plays Upright Bass. Their instruments are being processed by Christopher Konopka (Sound/Layout Designer) using csSpectral for real-time acoustic processing and spectral mutation.

Additional details are still to be announced.

via Boulanger Labs

2 thoughts on “csSpectral Sneak Preview

  1. As with many such things, the sounds proper are very nice, but there’s too little musical CONTEXT. If the lexicon is too exotic, the results will only be meaningful to a small group. There’s the sound of music and the music of sound. I like it better when they coexist because sorting out the contrasts is challenging and therefore, fun. I’m into the tech, but I’m also an audience member. If I’m spending more time trying to figure out what gear you’re using than on digesting the music, that’s at least a partial fail. So as well-framed as the app is, I’d need a more accessible musical reference point to fully embrace it. Of course, that’s just me; I’m one of Those People who think a theremin sounds like a 20-pound mosquito.

    1. Sa a member of this small gruop I am thrilled to see something as experimental as this. I have their csGrain and love it. I am looking foreward to testing this one out aswell 🙂

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