Dave Smith Instruments Shipping Prophet 12 Synthesizer


Dave Smith Instruments has announced that, as of Monday, June 1st, they are shipping the new Prophet 12 synthesizer to dealers, from their San Fransicsco, CA factory.

Here’s the DSI crew celebrating with Prophet 12 serial number 1:


Here’s Dave Smith introducing the new synth:

The Dave Smith Instruments Prophet 12 synthesizer has a suggested price of US $2.999.

See the DSI site for details.

13 thoughts on “Dave Smith Instruments Shipping Prophet 12 Synthesizer

  1. In the video I laughed because he seems to have that same scalp ailment where people who are super stressed just have chunks of their hair fall out almost overnight and within a few days have a huge bald spot! It happened to me only on the hairline and I fucking flew to the doctor thinking it was permanent and I’d better start snorting the rogaine. Turns out its only temporary but hilariously your hair grows back a lighter color. A buddy had it happen three times and got tiger hair!

    The doctor said it happens to creative types and over acheivers. So apparently me and DS have a lot in common. High five on the the release of this badass monster, Dave. 😉

    1. Except that Paul is creative and has achieved while you haven’t done shyt. Start snorting the Rogaine. You misdiagnosed yourself.

      1. Ahh man, ZING! Damn you’re bad ass! I mean, other than your unfamiliarity with irony. And your confusion as to who is Dave Smith and who is Paul (you’re Paul, btw).

        >Except that Paul is creative and has achieved while you haven’t done shy

  2. YES !!!
    Now…I need to start socking away a little of my paycheck every month for the next 5 years….but I’m GETTING ONE !!!
    Great to see the Prophet rise from the grave.

  3. one thing I like about DSI is they don’t (or least up until now) bring out an updated model like a mopho 2, instead you get a variation like the x4, or you might say the tetra is an update, but it doesn’t tread on the toes of the other models. each model has their own market and still has its place if you already bought say a prophet 08, although this is the prophet 12 it still doesn’t put the 08 out of the picture its just another model and the 08 still has a market and people who bought that model still have a synth thats not been updated.

    hope that makes sense?

  4. I am very excited about this synth. I’m not at the front of the line to get it, but I’m in line.

  5. Prophet 12 brings back the Ensoniq-fueled 80s of digital oscillators and analog filters. All it needs is the awesome green vacuum fluorescent display, as I’ve noted (they are readily available on the internets – I wonder if you could get one with the right resolution?) 😉

  6. I really like the P’08 + Tetra combination (analog oscillators ftw) but I am tempted by the P12’s cross modulation and other goodies.

  7. are the two little sliders pressure sensitive??? Mine don’t seem to respond to pressure – only position. What patch can I test this on if your unit works?

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