6 thoughts on “Elektron Octatrack OS Update Adds Three New Effects

  1. finally usable reverbs. liking this alot.
    the effects seem to be again on the tame side but just tried it for a minute.

    nice to se elektron updating the effects section. they are indeed an example for other companies.

  2. The new Octatrack FX are really nice. BUT. Dear Elektrons, please get working on: 1. Repitch “timestretching” a la ableton (or a finer and more capable control of playback rate) 2. Customizable parameter pages (like individual fx parameters from different tracks on one page) 3. External MIDI triggering of slots 4. miniature waveform/timeline/wheel/numeric displays of sample playback position… Keep up the good work, love my box despite all shortcomings.

    1. ive got a machinedrum and, if theyre anything alike, you can load a machine called CTR-8P allowing the control of 8 parameters of your choosing on one single page. i dont own an octatrack but i hope it helps somehow

  3. Don’t think the Octatrack is capable of doing anything like CTR-8P.

    To be fair, there is nothing like the OT on the market and it is also fair to say that they have already pushed the boundaries as far as a performance sampler is concerned.

    People always moan on posts like this because this gear should be like this or should do that and make them a cup a tea. Many people should be more accepting towards design choices and just work around those ‘short comings’ and make music. There’s far more features available on the OT than anyone had in the past couple of decades that have used samplers successfully to make great music.

    To be frank, I (& many other people) are tired of the sound of ableton style time stretching in audio and take great lengths to avoid that granulated sound on certain types of audio files. I think the power and speed of operation of the OT must mainly be attributed to the fact it doesn’t have to make those kind of calculations.

  4. dear John S

    – the repitch algorithm in ableton i’m talking about is the only one that does not granularize the sound. it pitches it, like a turntable. inversely, what the OT does is exactly the kind of timestretching that you instantly hear.

    – design choices based on hardware are one thing. implementing software level functions is only a matter of incorporating them into the existing framework.

    – i’m sick of people moaning about moaning.

  5. @2bit – thanks for the info! this means that it should be possible, in theory, to implement a “CTRL-6P” on the OT as well. let’s see what elektron have in store for us : )

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