Audulus Update Adds New Nodes, Support For Jack


Developer Taylor Holliday has been keeping busy with updates to Audulus, his modular audio processing app for Mac OS X and the iPad.

The latest version, Audulus 2.1, introduces support for Jack on the iPad and five new nodes.

Here’s what’s new in Audulus 2.1:

  • Support for JACK – JACK allows you to connect audio apps to each other any way you want.
  • New Phasor Node (Synth -> Phasor).
  • The Poly Pack, available in the Audulus Store. This consists of four new mono/poly conversion nodes (Utility category): MonoToStereo, StereoToMono, MonoToQuad, QuadToMono.
  • Graphics optimizations.

Audulus is available for iPad and for OS X.

8 thoughts on “Audulus Update Adds New Nodes, Support For Jack

  1. Taylor – how does cross platform support work?

    I’m mainly interested in how you get patches from one platform to another and how in- app purchases work. If you buy a node on one platform, do you have to buy the same nodes on the other to share patches?

    1. TJ, excellent question! I’ve set it up so when you share a patch with some in-app-purchases in it, the patch will always still work (play the same sound) on another device (both Mac and iPad). So for example, if you made a sub-patch with some fancy use of the Math Expression Node, you could share it between devices (or with others) without worrying :-). However in order to edit the expression or create new instances of the expression node, you’ll have to buy the upgrade on that particular platform. I would like to set up a system to share the upgrades between platforms, but it requires setting up a server for account management, which is a lot of work and extra complexity.

      Hope that helps 🙂
      – Taylor

  2. After reading this article I checked out the app on the iTunes store. It’s on sale for $9.99 right now so I picked it up.

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