In Depth With The Dave Smith Instruments Prophet 12

This video captures a presentation by Carson Day from Dave Smith Instruments of the new  Prophet 12 analog synthesizer, at a recent San Francisco Electronic Music Meetup.

Along for the ride are a DSI Tempest and a Mopho x4. Carson walks through the various features of each along with lead programmer Chris Hector.

The presentation is about an hour long and starts about 2:45 into the video.

See the DSI site for more info.

via reader Torrey Taralli

5 thoughts on “In Depth With The Dave Smith Instruments Prophet 12

  1. A lack of something, a little of madness, creativity … a conference full of gravity because the guru sends one of his messengers to make a demonstration of his last ones fetishes votive objects …Convinces only the convinced …

  2. It’s 3 grand, not 2. And please mark me down as convinced. I spent a good deal of time on one at NAMM that actually had the presets loaded. The scope of this instrument is vast. Don’t let this demonstration be your only guide. This guy was not well prepared.

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