NoisePad Update Adds MIDI Support


MediaGroe has updated Noisepad – an MPC-style sampler and drum machine app for iOS – adding MIDI.

Here’s what’s new in Noisepad 2.2:

  • Noisepad gets MIDI support
    • MIDI notes in/out; trigger Noisepad sounds from other apps/MIDI devices and receive note on/off info
    • MIDI clock in/out; Noisepad follows the tempo or dictates the tempo to play sync with other apps/MIDI devices
    • MIDI learn, easily alter the “note” of each tap pad
  • Button / Soundbanks modes; control Noisepad & receive on/off messages for the tap pads of the current soundbank (0-11) or of the first 10 soundbanks (0-119)
  • Sample accuracy, the sequencer has even more precision
  • iPhone 5 support

Noisepad is available in the App Store for US $1.99. Additional sample content is available via in-app purchases.

If you’ve used Noisepad, share your thoughts on it in the comments!

5 thoughts on “NoisePad Update Adds MIDI Support

  1. Not to many posts here and I’m not quite sure why?!
    Excellent update indeed 🙂
    BTW; NoisePad dropped in price to $1.99 AU as well 🙂
    Love it

  2. Just a heads up for people thinking about getting it for their 4″ devices. The iPhone 5 update is a bit misleading, they only added borders to match the rest of the background. A proper IPhone 5 update would be bigger and more accessible interface which this app really needs if you intend to use it on an iPhone.

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