Daryl Hall & Chromeo – I Can’t Go For That


Here’s something a little different than the usual Sunday Synth Jam fare – a live performance by Daryl Hall & Chromeo of the Hall and Oates hit I Can’t Go For That.

The performance, live at Hall’s home, features tasteful contributions all around, plus some funky talk box work by Chromeo’s Patrick Gemayel.

via Lek Fonq

9 thoughts on “Daryl Hall & Chromeo – I Can’t Go For That

  1. That vid is at least 3 years old as T-Bone Wolk died in March of that year. He was the guy in the cowboy hat shredding on the Gibson Hummingbird. T-Bone was the bass player in the H&O backup band for years and became their musical director when G.E. Smith left.

    Those were some of the top session dudes in New York playing in that vid. Which explains the groove.

  2. These guys make it seem so easy! I also love the new Daft Punk album…the comparison is interesting. These guys groove a lot more than DP, but DP has a vision and a focus to their sound and concept that is hard to deny. Maybe it’s ambition? Or just different goals? Hall and Oats certainly has had a lot of huge hits! But Daft Punk with this record seems to have a Pink Floyd-like ambition, it’s almost like The Wall in some respects.

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