Galileo Organ For iPad Now Available

galileo-organ-ipadYonac Software has released Galileo, a tonewheel and transistor organ emulator for the iPad and iPad Mini.

Galileo offers eleven unique organ types,  three manuals, scanner vibrato/chorus emulation, percussion module, and settable organ parameters such as leakage, keyclick, attack & release, and more.

“We aimed to design a versatile, tweakable organ that can reproduce the sounds in Jazz, Rock, Gospel and Reggae classics, yet also allow a lot of room for customization and new sounds,” says Galileo engineer Jim Yonac. “We invested a lot of time into modeling the core components of the ‘Organ Sounds’, like in our new rotary cabinet simulator and our virtual-tube ‘Class A’ inspired preamp.”

Here’s a demo of Galileo in action:


  • The Organ
    • Virtual-Analog tonewheel & transistor organ w/ real time signal generation
    • 32-bit floating point pro-grade DSP
    • Ultra low-latency audio generation
    • Virtual-Tube Preamp & Rotary Cabinet emulator
    • 3 individually configurable manuals
    • 11 organ types for each manual, including tonewheels in various leakage & tonal characteristics, & unique transistor models
    • Scanner Vibrato / Chorus emulation
    • Realistic percussion section w/ 2 attack algorithms
    • Adjustable drawbar & tonewheel leakage
    • Per-manual adjustable attack & release
    • Key click amount
    • Dedicated pre-FX & post-FX volume controls
    • Togglable Bass Foldback
    • Adjustable Brilliance for rolling off high end
    • Adjustable Upper/Lower manual balance & Pedal manual volume
    • Manual Coupling
    • MIDI selectable Drawbar Sets
    • 48 voice total polyphony
  • Rotary Cabinet Simulation
    • Faithful emulation of the lush rotary cabinet sound
    • State-of-the-art cabinet simulation w/ period-correct frequency response & resonance
    • 3 cabinet types, including baffled & open speakers
    • Rotary brake & speed toggles
    • Adjustable slow & fast speeds
    • Adjustable rotor acceleration for realistic speed-up & slow-down effect
    • Adjustable drum-to-horn speaker balance
    • Adjustable stereo mic seperation
    • Rotary effect mix
  • Virtual-Tube Preamp
    • Asymmetric-clipping “Class A” inspired tube modelling DSP
    • Adjustable gain & blend providing mild tube saturation to harmonic-rich overdrive
    • Classic tone stack w/ Bass, Mids and Treble
    • Selectable low/high mids focus for “American” or “British” tube tones
    • Realistic input volume sensitivity
  • Wah/Autowah
    • 4 unique wah types
    • Adjustable sweep range & center
    • Adjustable emphasis
    • Togglable autowah w/ 5 sweep curves
    • Continuous, key-reset & one-shot sweep modes
    • Sweep rate & phase
    • BPM syncing w/ 16 note values
    • Velocity tracking for auto sweep depth
  • Other FX
    • Ring Modulator/Tremolo w/ rate, mix & slow/fast op modes
    • Delay w/ time, feedback & mix
    • Reverb w/ size, spread, mix & pre-delay
    • Configurable signal path
  • MIDI & Connectivity
    • CoreMIDI & Virtual MIDI
    • Audiobus Input & Effect slots
    • Dedicated MIDI IO ports for each manual
    • MIDI Learn w/ over 130 control destinations
    • Use MIDI CCs to control Organ, Drawbars, Effects, Arp
    • Universal MIDI access to pedal manual for left-hand bass playing
    • Sustain & Expression pedal support
    • External clock syncing
    • WIST
  • Arp
    • Dedicated arp for each manual
    • 10 arp algorithms
    • Settable note value & gate
    • Trigger & Program/Perform modes
  • Presets
    • Over 240 factory genre-spanning presets
    • A bank produced by Sunsine Audio
    • Preset & bank export/import via email or iTunes
    • Save endless banks and presets
  • Recording
    • Record & share app audio
    • Metronome
    • Export audio via email, WiFi, SoundCloud, Audio Copy
    • Import via WiFi or Audio Paste


  • iPad 2 or newer recommended for best performance
  • iPad Mini compatible
  • iOS 5.1 or newer

Galileo is available in the App Store for a limited-time introductory price of $4.99.

14 thoughts on “Galileo Organ For iPad Now Available

  1. My i pad 2, (paddy) is complaining.. Between Pocket Organ & Garageband B3’s, paddy dont feel like shlepping more than the 850 lbs approx weight now burdened. What to do ? Tell me it’s worth the 5 clams, and then i might sneak it in.

  2. This sounds fantastic! The sounds in that preview are so meaty, I love it! Just grabbed it, this will make a great addition to my mobile arsenal.

  3. Just got it. Sounds great. Very intuitive and well-designed interface. Plays well.

    One thing I need to figure out is how to de-activate some multi-touch gestures (like three or four finger swipes) as sometimes when I play, the organ glitches because iOS is interpreting my organ playing as a gesture.

  4. Guys, this is a long waited app on the iOS, a killer one.
    The only and unique B3 simulation ( the other existing app are just organs) that we could bring on a gig.

  5. incredible beast of a killer organ, indeed !!! Top app, must have.
    Let it play in a guitar amp with a leslie efx, wow !!!

  6. I think it might be me about “Won’t get fooled again”. And I’m no rocker, just messing around with the arp feature and it just begs for it.
    Now my lead app by a very long shot (organ is my calling).

  7. Crazy good…hard to believe that something that rich, powerful and realistic can come out of my iPad mini. Small data footprint, incredible sounds, tweakability…never mind no-brainer. If you are an iOS music producer and you are put off by the whopping five dollar fee, you have no brain lol…

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