Guitarduino Arduino + Max/MSP Guitar

This is a quick video demo of the Guitarduino, a custom Arduino + Max/MSP guitar-mounted MIDI control system, created by Igor Stolarsky.

Here are the technical details:

There are 6 arcade-style buttons on the bridge, three force sensitive resistor squares on the body, and a long FSR strip on the back of the neck. The arduino takes sensor readings and spits them out the serial port as ASCII. Max/MSP is used to assign MIDI values.

The buttons and body FSRs all either generate MIDI notes or control values. The neck strip function as an “alt” key, which allows two different function out of the same button. The MIDI then goes either into Ableton Live (looper control, drums) or into a AxeFX II (guitar FX), which is also generating the guitar tone.

The guitar signal is mixed with the AxeFX’s synth block and then into a drive block and an amp.

Here’s a video overview of how the Guitarduino works:

Check it out and let us know what you think of it!

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