SynthDrum Pads For iOS


DesignByPaul has released SynthDrum Pad – a free pad-controlled drum synthesizer for the iPad.


  • Virtual Analog Drum Synthesizer
  • 4 Pads
  • 4 Voices
  • 3 Signal generators per voice; Noise, Click and Tone
  • Modify pads 3 & 4 with Frequency Modulation
  • 4 Save/Load slots
  • Delay unit (with infinite looping capabilities)

Here’s an audio demo:

SynthDrum Pad is available in the App Store as a free download.

15 thoughts on “SynthDrum Pads For iOS

  1. That sure looks different and interesting, and it works on IOS5! I really hate apps which only works on IOS6 (looking at you Nave!).

  2. Tried it out. It’s really excellent. In fact, I wish it was an AU host, I’d use it in Logic all the time. Brilliant for totally synthetic drum sounds, which I love.

    Wonder could an Alesis Percpad be connected up and used to trigger it?

  3. is the ipad velocity sensitive? does it use the accelerometer or something

    seems a bit hobbled as a “drum pad”..

  4. Nice toy! I created a sounds piece drumset with a hat, snare, kick and syntom in under 5 minutes and it sounds very good. But AFAICS there’s no MIDI, no Audiobus, no sequencer, no audio export, no nothing. Just pure live drumming via the pads. Also, it would be nice to have a separate send level for the delay for each of the four sounds.


    I sent the developer a short note with kudos and a little wish-list. I asked for a resonant filter, MIDI capability (including the ability to control parameters with velocity), improved decay curve, pad x/y tap points as control source and a few more. He responded quickly saying that everything in my list was in his future plans. NICE!!!

  6. This is a REALLY solid start for a new synth drummachine. Looking forward to seeing this being developed into something more fully fledged (patterns etc, save/load/file-manager, ACP, Audiobus)

  7. It’s not free, it’s $7.

    And with the above comments on latency i don’t think i’ll take the chance.

    1. It was free for the first few days it seems, I see its 5.99$ now.

      I’m glad I got it for free, but I wouldn’t mind paying for it its pretty fun and unique (for the ipad I mean), especially if you are into drum synthesis.

      Its still very basic as it has no sequencer, no recorder, no Audiobus/Jack/ACP and not even presets! When you first load it up everything is silent, but its very easy to program so in less than 30 seconds you’re making sounds.

      I did not notice any latency on my ipad1 on ios5, but I haven’t tested it on a more recent ipad.

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