Vo-96 Acoustic Synthesizer Kickstarter Campaign Update

Tyler Ramsey (whom we’ve featured before, in this “Sunday Synth Jam” post) performs his compostion, Raven Shadow, on the Vo-96 Acoustic Synthesizer.

The Vo-96 Kickstarter campaign surpassed its fundraising goal. Here’s an update from Chris Stack:

“[It] was a smashing success. A tremendous outpouring of support worldwide led to over $120,000 being raised towards the $50,000 goal. With this kick-start, Acoustic Synthesis takes a major step forward as 100 Vo-96’s now head for production.


“While most of these 100 are destined for Kickstarter backers, there are a limited number of extra units still available to the public. “


If you’re interested in getting in on the initial batch of 100 Vo-96’s, see theĀ voinventions.com for more information.

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