New Waldorf Rocket editor

monstrum-rocketMonstrum Media has released MonstrumRocket – a software editor that gives you access to every controllable parameter on the Waldor Rocket synthesizer.

In addition to all the parameters you have access to on the actual Rocket, this editor also gives you a hold button, Vibrato Modulator, Local on/off, reset all, all notes off, MIDI panic as well as an x/y surface to modulate two parameters at once.

An added feature to this editor gives you the ability to store and load programs to and from your computer’s hard drive.

Note: Waldorf omitted any ability to control the “filter type” or “Boost” mode through MIDI. Waldorf’s very own ipad application for the rocket also has no way of controlling these two parameters simply because as it is now with the rocket’s OS there is no CC or SysEx assigned to those parameters.

MonstrumRocket is available now for US $9.99. See their site for details.

4 thoughts on “New Waldorf Rocket editor

  1. I realy think this may be the future for hardware, cheap analog (or even digital/DSP) synths/effects that you use your computer/ipad/controler to interface with.

    Looks like a great job here.

  2. The Filter Type and Boost parameters are hardwired in the hardware… I wrote Waldorf about this, and they told me that this is exactly the reason these two parameters have no MIDI control.

    So any editors can forget about this being changed in an OS update at all….

    I really think that these two parameters being hardwired is the biggest flaw of this instrument… it makes saving patches with any editor akward really, as these two parameters would have to be flipped manualy making quick browsing a pain.

    But I guess they’ve had their reasons for designing it that way…

  3. for all rocket users on a pc :i’ve created a simple interface based on NI Reaktor to control the rocket via softknobs. if you are interessted you can mail me [email protected] i will snd you a link to the download

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