Sunrizer Updated With New Filters, Updated UI & Microtonal Action

sunrizer-ipad-synthesizerBeepStreet has released an update to Sunrizer – its deep iPad software synthesizer.

The update adds a new filter, new presets, a new UI and support for microtuning. Sunrizer 3.0 even has its own gratuitously sexy 3D graphic for a software synth (above)!

Sunrizer was already one of the more powerful synths on iOS and the update opens up some interesting new capabilities. Here are the details:


Here’s what’s new in Sunrizer 3.0:

  • Redesigned look
  • New filter: Formant 2
  • Favorite presets
  • New bank by Aural Imbalance
  • Support for microtuning – load scl and tun files
  • Bug fixes

Sunrizer is $9.99 in the App Store.

If you’ve used Sunrizer, let us know what you think of it!

25 thoughts on “Sunrizer Updated With New Filters, Updated UI & Microtonal Action

  1. looks very sharp, a nice reminder that it still holds its own against all the newcomers 🙂

    folks, back me up with a request if you will; I love sunrizer’s sequencer and arp combo, you can get some really cool results from using them together.. midi out would be fantastic to control other synths as well!

  2. I’ve never stopped using sunrizer. It’s a fine workhorse layered up with any new synth on the block. Sunrizer offers a quick octave-shift feature, thats global as well, in its midi/audio page.

  3. As much as I love it, the iPhone version sticking in version 1 is the main reason of why you should always go universal.

    1. yes,
      tab configure under the pitch wheel then scroll down the list,
      choose something like wendy carlos alpha, gamelan and so on

      1. If you want an instant tutorial on what alternate tunings are about, the primary work to hear is Wendy Carlos’ “Beauty In The Beast.” Its one great A-HA! moment after another. You’ll immediately hear what a natural brass overtone series is about and why it has a place. She champions her love of varied tunings with the gift of context. It shows an entirely different face of what synths can do. Check it out and be amazed at the alien goodness of it.

  4. So much love for a synth that overdrives on most presets ….even the new bank . Or am I the only one whose meter almost always hits red with three or four notes ?
    I’d have preferred a rework of the inner gain staging + an inbuilt limiter rather than graphic tweaks.

  5. looks very cool on first load. i did like the old gui though with the blue metallic look. the keyboard looks really good with this new interface though.

  6. Hell yeah, micro tuning! I’ll have to load all my files from metasynth.

    I’d like to see some sample imports for single cycle or wavetable oscillators and a drum map configuration with one sound per key.

  7. Just got a chance to try this update. Seems to me the UI response is much better. That’s big on an iOS synth. Sounds a little warmer also.

  8. Recently downloaded iOS 8 on my iPad. I can record a .wav file from the touch screen keyboard, but I can no longer use my midi keyboard controller for recording a .wav file. Sunrizer will map my keyboard, and I can play from it, but not record.



    Sorry about cap locks but had to say it

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