Korg Volca Keys Overview

This video, via KORG INC, offers an overview of the new Korg volca keys three note analogue synthesizer.

Presented by its hardware designer and chief engineer, Tatsuya Takahashi, the shows some of the synthesis and sequencing capabilities, and highlights the Volca Key’s automation features.

The Korg Volca Keys will be available in July 2013 for a U.S. street price of $149.99 each. Additional product information is available at Korg.com

19 thoughts on “Korg Volca Keys Overview

  1. This one is the most interesting of the Volca series to me. Awesome sound, possibly more interesting than the MS20 Mini. I FARKING HATE the TB303, so if the Volca Beats sounds like it, i’m not interested. But the Keys sounds brilliant. Its got its own unique character. I hope Korg take this concept and expand on it. The idea of an analogue synths that uses the best bits n pieces (700S Filter) to create a new interesting synth is far more progressive and exciting than the MS20 reissue. I like the Mini, I’m glad they did it and I’ll probably get one, but something that isn’t slavish to the past, instead using the best of the past is just more exciting.

    1. Guys, why 2? Are you thinking they could be chained to become 6 voice poly, or is that wishful thinking?

      I’m guessing thats impossible, but its a nice idea.

  2. Superb sounding little box of tricks, as they all are, definately want this and the beats, not sure about the bass, but I’m sure it can do more than squeaky 303 impersonations….

  3. There was some chat about this thing having are arpegiator… Can’t have it all I suppose. I’m torn between this and the bass! I think I’ll end up buying all three.

  4. These boxes are very exiting. Korg seriously needs to make an affordable step sequencer with midi out and CV so I can be used on the MS-20 and other midi gear. Obviously they could do it and have it be full featured and not expensive.

  5. These things I never expected how awesome!!!

    Keys ~ automation on all of those parameters, that ring mod, the delay

    Bass ~ individual sequences for each oscillator

    Beats ~ individual stutter time automations and the PCM speed automations

    I’ve already got a bundle reserved. I’m seriously considering a second bundle just to get more steps.

  6. Korg i love you… these Volca machines are soooooooo inspiring! it was because of ‘basic’ gear like this what made house and techno possible.. so this gear may seem a stap back, i know for sure whe’re going tho hear this sweet machines many, many times 🙂

    ps; i preorderd a Volca keys!

  7. Very smart 150 a piece, altogether 450 so you have a 450 setup that can only make 3 sounds. And acid come on we’ve been there and it was awesome but you cant really think you could make music with this and think other people will actually enjoy it. I dont say i dont like it but i would love to see Korg make a new ‘analog’ electribe with full specs not the half decent toys since the monotribe. But maybe if you guys will buy these, they reconsider and take it up a step.

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