Mira Controller Turns iPad Into Max 6 Remote

Cycling ’74 has introduced Mira Controller – an iPad controller for users of Max 6.

Mira is designed to be the easiest way to control a Max application from an iPad. Launch Mira and it will automatically connect to Max and display the part of your patch you want to control remotely. When you change a button or slider on the iPad, the corresponding Max object changes, with no setup or network configuration.

Mira mirrors your Max patch.

Mira can control any number of Max patches on any number of computers. You can also use multiple copies of Mira to control a single patch.

There are no OSC messages to wrangle, and everything you do in Max is immediately reflected in Mira.


  • Automatically control any number of patches from your device
  • Use mira.frame objects to define viewable regions in your patch. Each frame shows up as a tab in Mira.
  • Support the majority of standard Max UI objects, with more to come.
  • New mira.multitouch object allows for gestural control
  • New mira.motion object sends accelerometer data from your device
  • Multiple instances of Mira can control a single patch for collaborative performance
  • Works over WiFi or an ad-hoc network

Note: You should only purchase this app if you are a Max user.

Mira is available for $49 in the App Store.

If you’ve used Mira, let us know what you think of it!

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