Tiptop Audio Debuts Trigger Riot Pattern Sequencer

TipTop Audio has announced the release of their Trigger Riot pattern sequencer, which they describe as “… a clock divider, clock multiplier, step injector, time shifter, clock shifter, pulse width modulator, and an arithmatic probability processor all under the control of a single knob” — expanded to sixteen such knobs.

The Trigger Riot creates sequences with knobs instead of switches, and those knobs can be used independently or in the 4-rows-by-4-columns matrix (where each knob affects both the row and column where it is situated).

The TR takes in or generates the clock signal, and each of the sixteen knobs can be used as the Programmable Clock Divider, Clock sequencer, or both to trigger streams of triggers or gates at the outputs.

Additional Trigger Riot features include:

  • Non-volatile memory for patterns
  • Synchronization with external gear
  • Smart synchronization of multi-Riot setups
  • Din sync with vintage x0x boxes
  • An internal precise tempo clock generator
  • Tap tempo
  • Preset looping
  • Sequencing of independent channels or cross-relationship matrix sequencing for “some real trigger madhouse”

Trash Audio has a great overview of the Trigger Riot’s capabilities.

Pricing and availability. TipTop Audio’s Trigger Riot retails for $500 US, is currently shipping to Eurorack dealers, and will soon be shipping worldwide. For additional information, including local retailers, check out the TipTop Audio website.

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