Mode Machines Releases Free Xoxbox Soft Synth For iPad

xoxbox-for-ipadMode Machines has released x0xb0x for iPad, a software synth that emulates its hardware clone of the Roland TB-303.

Mode Machines has not provided any specifications for the app, other than it requiring OS 6.1 or later. It’s a free app, though, so give it a try and let us know what you think of it!

Here’s a video demo:

x0xb0x for iPad is a free download from the App Store.

21 thoughts on “Mode Machines Releases Free Xoxbox Soft Synth For iPad

  1. Ffs doesn’t even work on the iPad 1 and yet it does so much less than so many other apps that are available for the IPad 1. I am glad you guys are saying its bad, doesn’t look like I am missing out here.

  2. Personally I think it’s a mistake to compare it other 303 a-likes, mainly because it doesn’t sound as good or have anywhere near the same number of features – it has zero features; not even the ability to save your patches.
    I quite like the sound and look of it, but if your after a slightly more faithful emulator, check out Technobox, Bassline, or of course Rebirth – which will all run on an iPad1.

    1. Comparing the features between a recently released free app and other paid apps which have been existing for many years I see? (and in Rebirth’s case over 10 years ago) Nice.

      I thought Apple set the way about not supporting the ipad 1 when they decided not to release ios6 for the ipad1, but if you prefer blaming the dev go ahead…

      1. It never ceases to amaze me how some people read what they want into comments that said nothing of the sort. I was only trying to voice my opinion and help out someone with an iPad1. 
        What I stated are facts; it has zero features – the fact that it’s free is simply here nor there. My opinion is that the app is of very limited use; if you feel differently, that is your right, but it doesn’t alter the facts. 
        I did not slate the developer, again, I stated that if you’re after a more ‘traditional’ emulation of the 303, there are other apps that would run on an iPad1; I said nothing at all about comparisons in regard to their features, as it would be a pointless exercise. 
        I would have preferred to pay for something that did have comparative features, because as I said, I like the interface and the sound. 
        It’s a shame that you read something into what I wrote, that isn’t there, as I go to some trouble to mull over what I write, for precisely this reason. 
        I could, for example make the assumption from your comment that everything free is beyond constructive criticism of any sort, but that would have been ludicrous, so I didn’t. 

        1. if you’re after a more ‘traditional’ emulation of the 303, then why would you even consider the emulation of a clone of a 303 and not a direct emulation of a 303?

          Its always been known that the xoxbox is not a 303, so I would not expect something which is not a 303 to sound like a 303?

          So, if I may quote the comment right below me : Seriously? Bitching about a free app?

    1. Don’t diss fart piano! it has single handedly paved the way for all the orhers ios music app. We should be thankful for fart piano 😀

    1. I am confused as to why people would downvote your comment. A lot of work went into this (time and money) and I appreciate the people behind it giving it away for free. The GUI is very nice, the sequencer works very well, the tone while not being too similar to a real 303 does have a character and when you couple it to the sequencer you get a lot fun in a small free package. The real 303 is a piece of shite. I love the way it sounds but the synth itself is dirt. Those that made the 303 famous used it because it was cheap not because it was famous or classy but because it could be had for $50 and it had a sequencer. This is free! Thanks for all the hard work Mode Machines – some commenters on this form are either very young or very dumb – or both.

      1. Peolpe here downvotes because they are incapable of dealing with opinions different than theirs.

        “Stop liking what I don’t like!!”

        They also hate being called on it 😀

  3. Souns like a clone of a clone… But it’s free! It will be fun to use in synth jams, at home or travelling.

  4. I was a bit disappointed by the xoxbox app… only because Mode Machines makes such great hardware, and I was expecting that UI experience, and dedication to the 303 sound.

    I was sad to see that all the functions present in a real xoxbox have been greyed out in the app… 🙁

    For anyone interested, there is an app called BASSLINE that sounds very close to a real 303… It’s stupid cheap, and also gives you some extras like a delay, overdrive, additional waveforms, and an LFO. And patch/sequence storage. Check it out. 🙂

      1. That WOULD be nice…

        Still, I’m not a big fan of the way it sounds. I own a x0xbox and a FR Revolution… and Bassline for the iOS… a bit redundant for me, and I prefer the sound of what I use currently.

        Still, whatever floats your boat. You might LOVE the sound of this app. If that’s the case, I hope you get your update!!! (and I hope it isn’t an in-app purchase.)

    1. let me correct you
      ModeMachines haven’t made the x0xb0x
      the x0xb0x was made and designed by completely different people who released it as an open-source DIY kit
      ModeMachines simply took the ready “source” and sell it, which is fine (if they don’t violate the license)
      except that this itself doesn’t mean they even know or care to know how the x0xb0x works or what features it has
      they didn’t design the pcb, nor the firmware, nor anything related to the x0xb0x..
      they’ve just slapped their fancy logo on the panel (doh)

      if i sell potatos, that doesn’t automatically mean that i’m “dedicated to the authentic taste and quality” of the said potatos, or that i have any clue how to grow potatos and what they are made of

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