Line 6 Introduces POD HD500X Guitar Multi-Effects Processor

Line 6 today introduced the new POD HD500X guitar multi-effects processor, successor to the POD HD500.

With more processing power than its predecessor, POD HD500X enables musicians to create more intricate sounds and signal chains. Professional-grade, backlit foot switches provide total control and are highly visible in any environment.

POD HD500X features an “unparalleled” collection of HD amps, ranging from vintage classics to modern powerhouses, each with “incredible sonic depth, character and touch nuance.” POD HD500X also includes more than 100 studio and stomp effects.

Furthermore, the POD HD500X is built for tone customization with dynamic DSP. POD HD500X features professional-grade foot switches with bright LED rings for greater visibility from anywhere on stage.

POD HD500X is suited for live use, through a traditional guitar amp or full-range system, or for studio use, as part of a computer-based recording setup. POD HD500X integrates “seamlessly” with a James Tyler Variax guitar and DT amp or StageSource speaker to form the Line 6 “Dream Rig.”

Pricing and Availability. The POD HD500X guitar effects processor is currently available for a suggested retail price of $699.99 ($499 street). Additional information is available from Line6’s website.

3 thoughts on “Line 6 Introduces POD HD500X Guitar Multi-Effects Processor

  1. “ok guys, here’s the video pitch: we get a super wack looking dude, and put voiceover on top of the whole thing. that’ll show those kids who’s boss!”

  2. Yeah instead of offering a softwsre upgrade line sicks figured out how to squeeze mo mony outta ya and for what? Better amps…more effects…better colors….nicer packaging… thsnks

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