Rhythm Core Alpha 2 Debuts For Nintendo DSi and 3DS

Game developers Soft Egg have announced a new version of their “music creation system” for the Nintendo DSi and Nintendo 3DS game consoles.

Rhythm Core Alpha 2 is a combination of a drum machine, a sequencer (with special key changing ability) and a solo synthesizer, “a combination designed for composing and performing live music.” As with the original, there is a 12 track drum sequencer, and 8 track piano-roll style melody/ bass line sequencer, a pattern arrangement mode, and the live solo synthesizer, where a user can “solo” on the screen using the stylus.

Key features include:

  • Drum Pad screen
  • Mixer screen
  • Solo screen now includes 10 different variations
  • Sample-based synthesizer engine has been enhanced with ADSR volume envelope*, Pitch Envelopes, Envelopes curve control, Vibrato (multi-waveform, including square wave variations for chiptune arpeggios) +, echo and portamento
  • Key/scale changing buttons can change block (loop) or pattern step.*
  • Record solos and key changes+
  • “Block Lock” mode always edits playing block.
  • Individual blocks (loops) can be saved and loaded from system memory. Over 90 example loops are included.
  • Export MIDI files to SD card
  • Loads songs from the previous version of Rhythm Core Alpha
  • Tracks and blocks can be renamed.
  • New sounds and samples.

(* = Rhythm Core Alpha 1 feature that bears repeating. + = feature that first appeared in the European release of RCa1.)

Sadly, the cardboard robot helmet (in the video, above) is apparently not included with the app.

Pricing and Availability. Rhythm Core Alpha 2 is currently available in the US for $9.99 (or 1000 Nintendo Points, if that is your currency of choice) as a download in the Applications section of the Nintendo eShop on the Nintendo 3DS, or in the Nintendo DSiWare Store on the Nintendo DSi. It is in final testing for release in Europe soon.

The older version is available worldwide for $4.99 US (500 Nintendo Points). Need more information? Check out the Rhythm Core Alpha website.

5 thoughts on “Rhythm Core Alpha 2 Debuts For Nintendo DSi and 3DS

  1. The sequencer looks super nifty. I have been stalking the development of the first version while pondering which game console to get. This and M01 made the decision a lot easier.

    I wish they could add a filter and sample loading into next version.

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