New Vocoder For Novation UltraNova Synth

Novation_Ultranova_Vocoder-UpdateNovation has overhauled the vocoder on its flagship UltraNova hardware synthesizer. The free firmware update comes with 17 vocoder patches which are new to UltraNova, and is available, free of charge, to all UltraNova owners.

The UltraNova vocoder is a 12 band vocoder that can be fed by the included gooseneck microphone or other instruments via stereo line inputs. The overhauled vocoder algorithm improves the sound and performance of UltraNova’s vocoder.

Other updated features include:

  • Separation and spread controls for moving the bands
  • Formant freeze
  • Adjustable band resonance and decay time
  • Vocoder runs at full bandwidth

Pricing and availability. The update for the UltraNova is available now, and free to all UltraNova owners, who can download the latest installer, which includes the firmware update, at this link. Additional free artist and sound-designer soundpacks – including banks from the original Supernova and Supernova II synths – available to download at this link.

UltraNova is a ‘Nova’ series analogue-modelling synthesizer with a powerful effects processor. It is a single-part synth taking the Supernova II synth engine, and “packing it” with the latest technology. The UltraNova now has features which include wavetable synthesis, more powerful filters, a software editor and a “revolutionary” new touch-sense performance mode.

7 thoughts on “New Vocoder For Novation UltraNova Synth

  1. It´s a delight to see them still working on the Ultranova, improving this great hardwaresynth for free.
    Maybe, just maybe they´ll even add proper FM someday.

    1. ted 3000 , so you mean all this time you sat on that knowledge and didn’t share it with the group. You let not only yourself down but your peers. Shame on you Ted. What other ground breaking news are you sat on, ?maybe moog producing a polysynth for less than 40 thousand pounds.?
      A decent hardware sequencer as good as an atari……….keep us up to date Ted, we need people like you . Pass the info back down the line!!!We are all counting on you brother.

  2. My humble apologies, I assumed that everyone has been refreshing Novation’s firmware download page for 2 months.

    In other synth news from 60 days ago: The MS-20 has a noisy filter. That’s an exclusive!

    Reporting live from May 2013, I’m Ted 3000. Back to you in the studio, Brandon.

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