XotoPad MIDI Controller For Windows Touchscreens

feelyoursound.com has released XotoPad, a software that turns Windows computers into MIDI touch controllers.

XotoPad is designed to work best with Windows 8 and a touchscreen computer. The application offers four banks, each with many pads. Each pad, in turn, can either trigger MIDI notes or chords, or work as an X/Y controller for MIDI CC data.

XotoPad Features:

  • Easy to use interface.
  • Two modes: windowed and full screen.
  • Four banks: 2 banks each with 16 pads, 1 bank with 36 pads, 1 bank with 4 pads.
  • Each pad can either trigger notes / chords or act as an x/y-controller.
  • Inupt via touch, keyboard, and mouse.
  • Ready for Windows 8 Desktop. Works with other Windows versions as well.
  • Free updates: buy XotoPad once, get updates forever.

Pricing and Availability. Feelyoursound’s XotoPad MIDI Controller software is available today for 29 Euro / $39. More information is available on the feelyoursound website.

5 thoughts on “XotoPad MIDI Controller For Windows Touchscreens

  1. “Note pads can trigger up to four different note commands at once.”

    It would be nice if it could be 8 notes … 12 would be better.

    1. That’s a bit of an apples/oranges comparison, this is for Windows, not a Tablet OS. The idea is to be able to run it on the same machine (touch screen enabled of course) you run the software you are controlling. The only real similar product is the awesome Emulator Modular.

      1. Alright, I have to take a bit of that back – it appears there is no inbuilt way to route your midi to something running on the same machine. You would need something like MIDIyoke to use this in the way I described.

  2. but Windows8 IS a tablet os,

    I was desensitize by ios apps that are cheap and difficult to pirate,
    At $40, it’s a blast from the past on a form factor I associated with the future!
    Sadly for the developers, with that price if it’s any good, a cheaper swedish version will soon be available .

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