‘The Future Is Here’ – Next Level Beatboxing With Leap Motion, Geco & Ableton Live

Reader Geert Bevin let us know about this very cool demo performance by Ryo Fujimoto, aka Humanelectro. The performance showcases the combination of a Leap Motion controller and Bevin’s Geco MIDI gestural music control app.

Fujimoto controls effects with the right hand, the left hand controls synth sounds. The sounds are generated by manipulating voice and beatboxing on the spot.

“The future is here!,” says Fujimoto.

“I think that this wonderfully shows the potential of for Geco and the Leap Motion Controller,” notes Bevin. “Musicians and performers can really develop their own gestural vocabulary and communicate it visually to their audience.”

Technical details:

  • Leap Motion
  • GECO
  • Ableton Live 9
  • Focusrite Saffire Pro 24

Check it out and let us know what you think!


10 thoughts on “‘The Future Is Here’ – Next Level Beatboxing With Leap Motion, Geco & Ableton Live

  1. no disrespect to the artist or to leap , but the trick of the filter he did in the video was done ages ago with the midibox ac sensorizer


    it was just 8 sensor runnig through a PIC mcu.

    I know Leap is a very new technology but I hope to see people applying more creativity in the future in their performances.

  2. It will be interesting to see if/when folks can do more with this as a control source. When I’ve seen artists wearing that control glove it has seemed a bit awkward– like how art sounds when the technology is bossing it around (instead of the other way around).

  3. Great, creative use of an effects based performance but Gecko doesn’t/can’t yet send midi notes, so you can’t trigger synths, Can be done with Aeromidi though is much more expensive

  4. After all this NEW technology fade away i hope people will start to play the Piano again –

    just getting sick of the pace of innovations

    — and that statement comes from years of using all this stuff —

    1. well, for musical performances, indeed this thing is a bit strange.

      but I’d be happy to have this to help me with computer automations, like when mix or mastering, just lifting my finger to browse presets or to build chain of effects

      1. i never said it was a bad thing — i do experimental music

        is this the first guy to beat box with a gesture controller –
        like :

        dimension beam — alesis air fx — kinect -eye toy – wimote
        – hot hands –

        Kid Beyond is WAY better than this

  5. since the thing can be used with flat surfaces to guide the gestures, I think it could be useful to build xy pads, large monomes or custom touch based control surfaces

    but it’s a free wolrd and everyone is free to experiment

    finally people can play their air guitar 🙂

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