Bassmaxx Intros DiaMon Monitor

ac373d5afc674c2383a6324e22652340BASSMAXX has announced the availability of their “very compact and very loud” DiaMon DJ112 self-powered monitor.

The new model gives performance venues greater flexibility for speaker placement “without compromising on sound.” It also provides mobile DJs big system volume with a shorter, easier gig set-up.

The DiaMon DJ112 is a high-output, self-powered, bi-amped, co-axial monitor that features a neodymium magnet 700W 12″ woofer; a 3″ voice coil, 1.4″ exit compression driver; and a 1500W amplifier with an integrated digital signal processor.

DiaMon DJ112 Features:

  • Stunning Output-to-Size and Weight Ratio
  • Elegant and Unique Design and Grill
  • Bi-Amped Self-Powered with Built-In DSP
  • 1500W Digital Class D Amplifier
  • Point Source Co-Axial Loudspeaker Offers:
    – Superior Coherence
    – Excellent Off-Axis Response
    – Reduction of Feedback
  • Pole-Mount, Wall-Mount and Tabletop placement options.

Pricing and Availability

The Bassmaxx DiaMon DJ112 retails for a suggested price of $2,953 MSRP and is available through the Bassmaxx website, or by calling toll-free (855) 822-7770.

2 thoughts on “Bassmaxx Intros DiaMon Monitor

  1. Yeah, I need a pair of those for the den. What a classy, sci-fi design, too. I love seeing tech shrink in size and up the ante where the function is concerned.

    I once had a friend whose neighbor was collared by the police because he got drunk and played Whitesnake through Klipsch concert horns… in his living room… in an apartment building. I heard it from outside and you could almost see bricks loosening from the building. Time and place, guys….

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