Berlin School On Two Korg Monotribe Synthesizers

This Berlin School style synth jam on twin Korg Monotribe synths is a great reminder of how powerful even inexpensive synths can be in creative hands.

Here are the technical details:

Two Korg Monotribe Analog Synthesizers (with built in sequencers) slaved together for dual sequencer madness through a analog delay pedal (digital emulation). Since I couldn’t find any examples of the Monotribe doing 1970’s style Berlin School sequences, I decided to post an example for anyone thinking of buying one or more for making old school electronic music…. Enjoy.

via thainmlh

8 thoughts on “Berlin School On Two Korg Monotribe Synthesizers

  1. Great piece of Electronic music on electronic instruments. Let their be a challenge to this being done on IPADS?

  2. Not exactly “Berlin school” because there are too many variations…..A real “Berlin school” piece of music has to feature an arpeggio repeating at least during 15 minutes with no change at all.

  3. Really, really nice demo.

    …But, by the Powers That Be, couldn’t he have recorded direct friggin’ audio?!?

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