6 thoughts on “How To Install A MIDITribe In A Korg Monotribe

  1. I was hoping he’d show the best way to drill the holes!
    I wish I had the skills and the time to make wooden end cheeks with midi connections on one side. I’m surprised there aren’t more of these on the Internet – maybe there’s a reason that people don’t do this? It would look cool.

  2. I’m so glad you posted my video =)

    The way I drilled the holes was in fact the worst way imaginable, but if I’d do it again I’d either buy a drill that is the correct size for the middle hole, or I’d drill four smaller holes in the same shape as the eyes on a six sided die that has rolled a four. After that I’d clean the rest either by sanding or by going at it with pliers. The case is made of aluminium so it’s really easy to work with.

    The inside of the box is actually not that crowded, so there’s really no reason to expand the box by adding wooden sides (which would also make it necessary to find a new place to secure the circuit boards).

  3. I got my Amazing Machines midi kit about a year ago and love it to pieces. You’ll wonder how and why your Monotribe was ever without it. And as for the installation, drilling holes is way above my skill level lol, but I had no trouble at all making it work. My secret? Duct tape, of course! It’s not the prettiest potential Instagram but oh well

  4. I’ve got a MIDIfied Monotribe – not the Amazing Machines one though, the guy I bought it from did it himself – and it’s actually MIDI to mini-jack connections, so there are only two small holes on the right side of the Monotribe which is pretty cool. Well, in reality, he seemed to have gotten confused once the Monotribe was open so he first drilled two holes on the other (left) side… no problem though, as a small piece of black duct tape make them invisible. It really does transform it into a pretty powerful machine as its oscillator and filter are great.

    One question: how do you sync its internal sequencer to other machines, as it runs at double the speed of the actual MIDI clock and I can’t seem to find out how to do it. I don’t have any problems sequencing it, but if I want to add some drums, they run at double the BPM…

    1. This might be a silly question but do you have it set to 16 steps? I think maybe the version 2 firmware still runs as though it’s going 8 steps, but triggers twice instead of once, which could mess up the clock.
      Just a suggestion, I don’t have the miditribe.

  5. Thanks for your suggestion, I also thought it could be that but it’s not and the drum sequencer is 16 steps by default anyway. From what I’ve found on the web, the problem is with the way Monotribe syncs in that “it seems the Monotribe syncs to 12p not 24p like classic midi clock, so you get half a bar in sync” (taken from comment #81 on GameBoy Genius’ post on adding MIDI to the tribe)

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