Kraftpad – A Virtual Analog Drum Synth For iPad

kraftpadKraftpad is a virtual analog drum synthesizer for iPad that lets you create your own electronic drum sounds, using 10 different kinds of dedicated synthesizers.


  • Virtual Analog Drum Synthesizer (no samples used)
  • 10 Different kinds of dedicated synthesizers to easily create each drum sound
  • Kick, Snare, Rimshot, Clap, Hi-hat, Tom, Conga, Claves, Cowbell, Cymbal
  • 6 Pads (6 Voices)
  • 99 User editable & storable programs
  • Master Reverb FX
  • Real-time Looper for Live Performance
  • Wave file export for iTunes File Sharing
  • Exported files can be re-loaded to Looper for overdubbing

It’s available in the App Store.

If you’ve used Kraftpad, leave a comment and let us know what you think of it!

8 thoughts on “Kraftpad – A Virtual Analog Drum Synth For iPad

    1. Recent observations mostly confirm this.
      The last few posts I made were pretty neutral, IMO, and were nevertheless downvoted a lot.

      The status quo has been broke: since it’s harder to crack, developers make more money with 10$ apps than their 200$ VST equivalent… Even if apple takes 33% of app purchases. That’s why there’s now a shit-ton of iOS related news on synthopia… Hardware is still great, so is totally overkill 24bit 96khz sound, but c’mon iOS party poopers!

      It’s generally sterile trying to understand trolls, but what could motivate this?
      Over zealous DSI employee? Frustrated droid users? Analog extremist integrists?

      People going out of their ways to downvote, it’s just weird!

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