6 thoughts on “How To Setup Wireless MIDI Between iPad & Windows

  1. I have been searching for a long time for ways to create adhoc networks to lower latency. I tried connectify, but the free version essentially popups you to death to go pro and intentionally stops after around 10 mins. I tried mhotspot and it took forever and tried to install adware junk. I then finally found the perfect solution:


    The version from cnet is without adware and it works great with rtpmidi.

  2. Bonjour and most of the stuff that sneaks on if you’re unfortunate enough to have installed iTunes on a Windows machine has caused so much trouble for people over the years. It’s like Apple purposely makes software for Windows that’s designed to mess up your computer.
    I don’t know if the newer versions are better but I’ve always felt it was no better than most malware out there.

    RTPMidi is great and if you already have Bonjour on your computer and everything’s working fine that’s great because it makes using RTPMidi easier but a while ago I installed RTPMidi and got it working without ever installing Bonjour. You just have to type in the IP addresses and port numbers manually like it shows at the bottom of this webpage.

  3. How about “How to set up wireless MIDI between a Mac and a PC)?
    Is it possible and functional?
    I don’t have a PC to try it out on, but am thinking of picking up a PC laptop just to run all the freeware PC-Only VSTis. (VFX on a Mac doesn’t cut it for me)

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