23 thoughts on “How To Make Your Beats Funky & Relevant, With Deadboy

  1. Actually There isnt one thing he said that was false.
    Most people would be simply too jealous and enraged to think they have better skills

  2. Deadboy your the man, do you know the track, portrait of a dead girl? was she your sister.
    Thanks for showing us how it;s done. I had a ‘sulphate esque’ creepy flashback watching your video.
    Your snares are the best and your guidance of great value to those of us coming out of dark places……..

  3. That’s got to be one of the funniest videos I’ve seen since the last Steven Slate April fools one.
    I had to keep rewinding it from laughing so loudly and missing his expert commentary.
    Just excellent.

  4. His delivery suggests that he was actually drinking paregoric. This is the laptop version of the talentless high-school drone playing the opening to “Stairway To Hebbin” until someone shoots him in the leg. “OW, SH*T, MAN,YOU SHOT ME IN THE F%$#@!G LEG! BE COOL, DUDE!!” I guess the comparable move would be to pour epoxy on this guy’s keyboard once he’s passed out on the paregoric. If you really hate him, put his head in the glue, video his antics when he wakes up and post them on YouTube. Might be cruelty, might be karma, might mean $500 in banner revenue from all the hits.

  5. I dont take a stand in this one, i normally don’t, because i’m thoughtful. It is what it is. I’m guessing i’m jaded. Fucking internet.

  6. i understand there are little punks out there trying to learn to conform and be predictable. but this is even lower than that. i see way too many of these dumb videos wasting my time. AM I THE ONLY ONE who wants to actually talk about the music and the making of it and not be a prick?!?!

  7. whoever didn’t realize this video was a joke, or is enraged by its silliness, needs to chilllll. It was hilarious! “there are two types of *insert sound here*”

  8. my favorite part was when he said everyone in the club was going to be on drugs so they need to hear the same vocal line again and again because they wont remember it the first time! ha!

  9. What’s with all the down voting on the comments that see it for what it is, a spoof, joke. It’s having a laugh and it’s relevant to this site, oh yeah, it’s British humour… Never mind.

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