SoundToys Releases Updated Version 4.2

ST_horizontal_lockupProfessional effects plug-in maker SoundToys recently announced the release of SoundToys version 4.2 with 64-bit support for Audio Units and Windows VST formats. The new release covers the full line of real-time native hosted plug-ins.

With this release, SoundToys plug-ins are now compatible with Logic Pro X, Ableton Live 9, Digital Performer 8 on Mac and other 64-bit Audio Unit hosts. SoundToys now supports 64-bit VST hosts such as Cubase, Nuendo, Sonar, and Ableton Live 9 on the PC. [Speed for Logic X is still in development.]

Pricing and Availability. The upgrade to SoundToys version 4.2 is available, free of charge, for all registered SoundToys V4 users, all Boutique Series owners (Devil-Loc, Radiator, Little MicroShift, etc) and the installers can be found in your SoundToys account. Additional pricing information for new customers, or for other upgrades, can be found at the SoundToys site.

SoundToys is also offering a limited time “all in” promotion, through August 18, which adds the Boutique Series plug-ins to every new SoundToys Native Effects bundle purchase.

6 thoughts on “SoundToys Releases Updated Version 4.2

  1. Say what? You want my name and email address before you will tell me how much this ‘summer dea’l is?

    I’m it doing so badly, even with the recession on, but I know I can’t afford the ‘items without price tags’ even if I’m not black and called Oprah Winfery.!

    What kind of gullible fool actually fills in this form? I mean, surely it’s blatantly obvious that you’re going to be psychologically tortured through virtual mediums from the moment you fill in your details!

    I actually feel sorry for these people, they obviously didn’t spot the rather glaring change in marketing techniques where all the switched on companies have realised honesty and directness is he best sales poicy (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, google ‘Audi 2013 ad’ the R8 V10 is… Well… I leave it up to you, dear reader, to compare and contrast these marketing approaches!


    1. good rant. A for effort – although also maybe an audi ad. Never seen it, not going to search it.

      but search sound toys, click on any on the link to the store that’s selling it, see price, including deal. job done.

      1. Thanks a, I did have a little giggle writing it!

        I found the prices ok, but that isn’t how the user path is set up from the link!

        Shrugs, doesn’t really matter, no biggie, well out of my price range, even with the sale!

  2. For some reason, I clicked on the link again to the summer sale and the page has changed, the price is now clearly displayed, and a fraction of what I thought the price actually was!

    I am ow wondering if my little fun rant has influenced this, either way it’s much better 🙂

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