Fyrd Instruments Intros MTRX-8 MIDI Controller


Fyrd Instruments has introduced its second MIDI controller, the MTRX-8.

Key Features:

  • 8-step sequencer
  • Hardware MIDI In/Out
  • 14 buttons
  • 1 high-resolution optical encoder
  • USB port
  • LCD display
  • 5-part drum sequencer
  • Premapped for the MeeBlip, the Shruthi, the Volca’s (Beat/Bass/Keys) and the DSI Mopho
  • Up to 12 preset slots (4 x step-sequencer, 4 x drum sequencer, 4 x knobs values)
  • Launch preset like clips in Ableton Live and use presets as an instrument
  • Special firmware gives you access to every parts of the MTRX-8 hardware (individual LEDs, LCD display, buttons, encoder)
  • Fyrd Instruments MIDI wheels Max patch inspired by Stretta Electric Dharma Wheels and Meng Qi Autoharp

Here’s a video demo for the MTRX-8:

The MTRX-8 is available for pre-order, priced at 249 Euro plus shipping. Prices are discounted 15% for a limited time. It is expected to ship Sept 10. See the Fyrd site for more information.

6 thoughts on “Fyrd Instruments Intros MTRX-8 MIDI Controller

  1. Thanks synthhead for the exposure 😀

    However I want to correct a few things:
    – The MTRX-8 is expected to ship on September 10th
    – The price of 249EUR + shipping cost already take into account the discount of 50EUR, since after September 10th, the MTRX-8 will be sold 299EUR

    Hope it helps!

  2. A kit version is hard to imagine since there are a lot of SMD (leds are “easy” but IC aren’t !!!). Do you think I should still make the MTRX-8 a kit? Maybe with SMD components already mounted and let users mount the through hole components, the connections and the enclosure box?

    1. Depends on the cost savings. Kits are fun but there’s also time and failure risk involved doing your own build. If the savings are minor I’d save my time for a different DIY project.

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