12 thoughts on “Sneak Preview – The Mini x0xb0x TB-303 Clone

    1. well.. for accent you could always just use velocity and set it in the sampler.. and hopefully generic monophonic gliss too if u feed it one note over another

    1. I’d hope so, it has surface mount parts and cheap mini pots. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, it still sounds like a 303, but they can’t expect to charge as much as full size x0xb0xes with better quality parts.

    1. We have loved acid since it hit the uk, I love the fact you hate acid music.
      It is a perverse fucked up sound and it is still making bodies rock.

  1. Great idea to go surface mount with a 303 clone! Look at how popular the Korg mini synths are; this will fit right in.

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