Korg Volca First Look

Sonic State has the new Korg Volca line of analog gear in the studio and this video captures a first look at the Volca Bass, Volca Beats and Volka Keys. 

via sonicstate:

Not quite an unboxing, We couldn’t wait… But a preview, please leave your questions below for the full review when I return from holiday. We will try and answer them when we do the full revierw.

20 thoughts on “Korg Volca First Look

    1. Yes you can choose the channel on bass and keys and I think beats. Korgs manual and midi channel sheet are on the website. I dont really understand it as I don’t use midi to that extent but gearslutz forum seemed to look on the options favourably.

  1. Lucky to have owned the Volca Bass for a little while now. And i am
    loving the whole experience very, very much. So much so (i am a little embarrassed to admit) that i have asked my Volca Bass to marry me. Bessie (as i’ve named her) hasn’t said “yes” yet. Actually, we have a bit of a language “gap”, since she only speaks in waveforms. But we don’t need to speak at all, and understand each other perfectly. Each note is pure bliss. I am sure we will be very happy together for many years. The wedding (hopefully) will be next year, and we’ll register for the bridal shower at Analogue Haven. We thank you for your open-mindedness about this admittedly unusual relationship. : )

  2. how many of us were asking for analog electribes for so long now? nice that korg finally decided to listen!

    i wonder if they will ever step up and do a new full-size poly analog keyboard?

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