Conductr ‘The First Ableton Live Controller iPad Specifically Designed For Live Performance’


Developer Patchworks has released Conductr, a new iPad app they call ‘the first Ableton Live controller for iPad specifically designed for live performance’.

Here’s what they have to say about Conductr:

CONDUCTR is ERGONOMIC (4 different view modes: you only see what you want to see), MODULAR (you can create as many User Modules as you want), EXPANDABLE (upcoming System Modules to customize it to the max) and SMART (it takes maximum advantage of multitouch technology: you can even play it without watching the iPad).

CONDUCTR’s interface is ergonomic: it ADAPTS TO YOUR NEEDS and can be changed up to 4 different view modes at any given time, even while playing live.

CONDUCTR features 3 System Modules (Clips, Mixer and Master) and as many User Modules as you want. You can control up to 5 parameters from any device and any track featured in your Ableton Live set on each User Module.

CONDUCTR IS EXPANDABLE: it will grow within a short time with upcoming new System Modules.

Here are screen shots of Conductr’s user interface:

Here’s a quick video overview of Conductr, via Noise is King:

Conductr is available now in the App Store. See the Conductr site for more info.

If you’ve used Conductr, let us know what you think of it!

12 thoughts on “Conductr ‘The First Ableton Live Controller iPad Specifically Designed For Live Performance’

    1. Have you used Live before?

      You do know that the primary use for a Live controller is to toggle Clips off an on, don’t you?

      And that the most popular live controllers, the LaunchPad and the APC40, do not have velocity sensitivity?

    2. This guy is always trolling iPad posts, I bet the only things he uses is cracked software on his Walmart bought Dell laptop with a whopping 1 gig of ram… “Keep on trollin trollin trollin”

  1. “The first ableton live controller for iPad specifically designed for live performance ?”

    Helloooo, touchable anyone ?

  2. This does look slick indeed, but I love these ‘first’ this or “only’ that, claims.

    I think you’ll find TouchOSC with Livecontrol, was the first and probably at the time it was released, was the only too! Plus you can make your own templates; bit of a pain to set up with Windows, but bi-directional feedback….very impressive at the time, it’s all moved on so quickly and set-ups are a lot easier now.

  3. Sorry guys at Conductr but looks like you will never be able to compete with touchAble, not after what they announced this week (and v1 is hardly beatable too…I’ve been using it since 2 years quiet intensively, even if i’m surrounded by a dozen of hardware controllers in my studio…). Good luck anyway

  4. I’ve been using TouchOSC for awhile, but am interested in something else now. I was planning on getting TouchABLE2 this weekend – any reason to get Conductr instead?

  5. I don’t think they even pretend to compete with Touchable. I’ve bought Conductr and it’s pretty different. It is totally live-performing oriented. So, not very useful for studio work nor composing, but really good for playing live. Very easy to use and extremely effective. The interface design rocks. And the gestural mode is simply spectacular (if you are into giving out a show, I mean).

  6. Guys! Highly recommended App! It’s so easy to use and the ability to play with effects /mixer/clips at same time is far better than the others apps like touchable. I have adapted my effects racks of my huge live set into custom modules inside conductr in seconds. You only have to move the effect parameters you want to map with the mouse in ableton and Conductr creates modules for you! INCREDIBLE!

  7. Has anyone bought this who also uses Lemur?
    I don’t care for a simpler setup procedure than is already available in Lemur, it’s already very fast and I really like the total flexibility of Lemur!
    Is there anything this does that is absolutely not possible in Lemur?
    Thanks in advance… 🙂

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