FeelYourSound Updates XotoPad MIDI Controller For Windows

Feelyoursound has updated their XotoPad MIDI controller app for Windows touchscreens. XotoPad gives easy access to a grid of pads which can be used as a MIDI note trigger or as a MIDI controller field.

New features in XotoPad version 1.1.0:

  • Individually-labeled pads. Both labels and pad colors help to stay organized in larger settings.
  • New mode for pads. Pads can send notes and x/y controller data, and now also can work as push buttons for MIDI CC values. XotoPad author Hauke Menges says, “This way it’s easy to trigger certain effect settings like the amount of delay or cutoff – or whatever it is that can get controlled by MIDI CCs.”

Pricing and Availability. FeelYourSound XotoPad is available now and retails for 29 EUR. More information and a trial are available on the feelyoursound website.

4 thoughts on “FeelYourSound Updates XotoPad MIDI Controller For Windows

  1. That’s great. I’ve been waiting for a something like that. I hope it keeps improving.
    I haven’t found a reason to get a touchscreen device but this is one of those times I wish I did.

    1. In my eyes the market for Windows 8 devices still has to find the “perfect” form factor / concept, so don’t worry ;). There are certainly nice laptops out there, but either they are quite expensive or not powerful enough. The tablet in the video is rather old, but it’s still nice for producing music – as long as I keep the VST usage on the light side. However, I couldn’t do a screencast + play the instruments at the same time, so I decided to capture everything on video.

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