iVCS3 – A Virtual EMS VCS3 Synthesizer For iPad


Developer Alessandro Petrolati is working on a software emulation of the classic EMS VCS3 for iOS, iVCS3.

Here’s a sneak preview of iVCS3 in action:


Details are to come on iVCS3, but it’s expected to hit the App Store in September.

Check out the video and let us know what you think of iVCS3!

via Kymatica, Petrolati

52 thoughts on “iVCS3 – A Virtual EMS VCS3 Synthesizer For iPad

  1. Sounds great, Looks beautiful! integrated sample manipulation looks cool, hoping for copy paste, audio bus support. Heck, I’d pay $5 more for a Synthi skin, btw. Good luck, Alessandro!

    1. On closer view, I see audio copy/paste and Dropbox, email, other ways to share samples, in the video. Also looks like live mic as input source, like a vcs3, and a sequencer. The reverb sounds nice! Can’t wait to have a Synthi on iPad. The XiLS VSTi is really awesome, for DAW use.

  2. Having owned a Synthi AKS and VCS3 this doesnt sound exactly like a VCS3.Best emulation I have heard is the Reaktor Synthi.

    Is there a way to rotate a dial and the joystick at the same time on this app?

    1. Yes Please make it IPAD one compatible. I don’t know why there aren’t a lot of app makers realizing that if they made synth programs that were small and ran on past iOS devices they would make a lot more from all the musicians buying up old iTouches, iPhones and 1st gen iPads.

      If there was a good modular synth app that also synced to my whole system properly, I would be buying a lot more apps and buying them one for each device.

      1. 93% of iOS devices are running 6.0, so developers aren’t going to ‘make a lot more’ supporting older versions, so they don’t.

        1. cliche sloppy code= make a new ios and leave the rest in the dust.
          Luckily I can afford hardware and dont make finger rubbing music

          1. Unfortunately, your hardware will never get an upgrade or let you load applications that let it be used in new ways.

            Hopefully, your attitude can get upgraded!

    1. Just wondering if I have been misunderstood (since I don’t understand how I could have been down voted for so neutral a comment). I’m not being sarcastic. I think this looks and sounds amazing

      1. there are people on these comment pages that just go through and automatically downvote every post on iOS apps. dont take it personally.

    1. It’s doesn’t matter . EMS have been informed about this and it’s now in there hands as the VCS3 and the synthi are very much still in production

    1. they are nbot very happy ,and yes im a spoilsport and EMS have been notified about this .IF APPLE ARE SELLING THIS APP THE EMS SHOULD GET ROYALIES

      1. Maybe EMS should get a cut from a moral perspective. But legally they wouldn’t have much of a case – at least not under U.S. trademark law.

  3. I am beta testing this app and it is a lot of fun. Some very minor tweak will send the sound spinning of in unexpected directions. I have never owned a real one and with the stupid prices they command, I never will. But that is exactly what makes a plugin or an app like this great.

    You can map all of the controls to an external controller via midi.

    It was my understanding that you can no longer order these new since all of the necessary parts are no longer available.

      1. You have an interesting idea of full production. He will take your money, refuse to communicate for 10 years, and then, if he feels like it, finally make your synth.

  4. Im gonna buy it for sure…… I really like alessandro’s idensity (grain delay app)
    And can hear and see that this one also gonna kick ass for sound design πŸ˜‰

  5. I think it’s a great idea for an app – (and synthesizer), which is why I’m posting some hopefully constructive criticism.

    That small pin matrix doesn’t look fun on a touch screen…. A gesture to full screen view?

    Alternating colors in rows? How about highlighting the source and destination labels when your finger is over the grid? Use the power of software to provide better visual feedback, please. πŸ™‚ Seriously, it gets hard on the eyes, even on physical hardware to quickly trace back on pin grids.

    Where are the knob colors? Color coding helps. User customizable color labels?

    As far as I know, the synthi was designed as a learning tool and I think that’s a big part of what makes it a uniquely inspiring device. It rewards childlike play, joy of exploration and working without preconceived notions in a way that I think is appealing to many musicians. I hope any update attempts to capture that spirit.

    Also, check out Le synthΓ© from Pierre Couprie, if you haven’t. It has some neat ideas that would be even better on an iOS device, I think, like using video cameras as joystick control.

  6. When you touch the pin matrix it opens in a larger view. Then when you touch it it highlights the X and Y coordinates and only interprets a patch pin when you let go. It’s pretty easy to get your head around once you start playing with it.

    The spring reverb has a choice of different, resource saving, options that include a full impulse response from what I assume is a real VCS3. It certainly sounds sproingy.

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