Moog Music One Of Inc Magazine’s Fastest Growing Companies In America

moog-music-buildingInc Magazine has profiled Moog Music as one of the Inc 5000 – its list of the fastest growing private companies in America. It’s the third consecutive year that Moog Music has made the list.

“Making this list for the third straight year is quite an accomplishment,” says Moog CEO Mike Adams. “This recognition is to be shared with the employees of Moog Music who consistently design, sell, and build quality electronic musical instruments that our customers want.”

Complete results of the Inc. 5000 can be found at the Inc. site.

8 thoughts on “Moog Music One Of Inc Magazine’s Fastest Growing Companies In America

    1. Obamacare only effects companies that don’t already provide healthcare for their employees. You’re telling me a company who requires the skilled labor of hand assembling analog synths is too cheap to provide health insurance without being forced by the government? Wow.

      1. Is that all Obamacare is? I thought it was the same Medicare thing we have here in Australia.
        Most people have a Medicare card here, and if you don’t work, then going to the doctor costs nothing!
        and if you do work then it cost about $30 or 40 (but years ago, it was the same for workers and non workers).
        So Obamacare is just basically getting your employer to cover your healthcare, not the government (whose responsibility it probably should be…).
        Anyway, that is amazingly great for Moog, good to hear!

    2. Come on man, there is no room on this music site for right wing thoughts. And I was almost certain that most musicians are world conscious people who share.
      Shame on you and your right wing selfish thoughts!
      Besides Moog has a social approach to how people should be treated. That is something you may want to learn about too.

  1. they’re at 2000+, i read through the top 200 without recognizing a single company – most of which bore names that were quite cheese filled and suspect. not knocking moog, but how are they considered growing? and with the celebration of 40 years of the mini, how is that fast? above all, where does obama or healthcare apply to this?

    1. The larger a company gets, the harder it is to grow fast. Think about it – is it going to be easier for Moog to double their sales or for Wal-Mart?

      Moog has introduced good new synths for each of the last few years, like the MiniTaur and the Sub Phatty, so more power to them. I’d like to see Dave Smith on this list, too!

  2. Only 15 downs?. Let’s revisit that post 2 years from now shall we? I will make sure to make a new post regarding my statement.
    Not all musicians think alike. Some wear cowboy hats, others do-rags and others do-rags under their cowboy hats. To be open minded means to accept others can think differently than oneself.

    This is the internet. I am shameless. Thank you for playing 🙂

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