Z Vector + Microsoft Kinect Lets You ‘Sample Reality’ In 3D HD


Z Vector is a new visualization tool that lets you use depth sensors, like the Microsoft Kinect and PrimeSense Carmine, “to sample reality in real-time, visualize it the way you like and explore it in 3D with Full HD resolution.”

Designed to be a live performance tool, rather than a programming environment, Z Vector can animate nearly every variable within the software, using integrated sound analysis algorithms, synthetic rhythms or via externally triggered MIDI/OSC signals. 

An example of Z Vector in action can be seen in Kebu’s live performance video, from Assembly 2013, of AVICII’s Silhouettes:

Here’s another example of Z Vector in action, in the video for Phantom’s Scars:


  • GLSL shaders with integrated editor
  • integrated sound analysis and MIDI clock synchronization for animation
  • sound analysis based animatable UI
  • fully scalable output resolution
  • real-time depth camera based 3D scanning and mixing
  • virtual camera and multiple person tracking modes
  • smooth transitions between profiles
  • MIDI/OSC control (with metadata and programmable macros)
  • multiple geometry and texture modes, particle effects
  • stereo rendering (side-by-side, anaglyphic,Oculus Rift)
  • record and playback of depth camera material (.ONI, available in later beta)
  • full Syphon support (in/out, Mac OS X only)
  • available for Windows 7+ / Mac OS X 10.7+

Z Vector is currently in free beta. More information is available from the Z Vector site.

via reader Julius Tuomisto (CEO, Delicode Ltd)

One thought on “Z Vector + Microsoft Kinect Lets You ‘Sample Reality’ In 3D HD

  1. The Beta is not Free it has a water mark for the beta they want almost 300 euro in Dollars around 400 and the company is really hard to reach.

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