Sound Magic Releases China Impression, Chinese instruments Bundle

china-impressionSound Magic has introduced China Impression – a bundle of Chinese traditional instruments.

The bundle includes China Story Erhu, Laurel Pipa and Bamboo Dreams Bawu.¬†According to the developer, the three instruments can be used add ‘Classic Asian/Chinese flavor’.

  • China Story Erhu features Erhu, which is also regarded as Chinese Violin. This instrument is the main string instrument used in traditional Chinese music and you can hear it nearly in every Hollywood movie which has Chinese elements.
  • Laurel Pipa features Pipa, which is also called Chinese lute. In traditional Chinese music, Pipa plays the same role as guitar.
  • Bamboo Dreams Bawu features Bawu, which is a woodwind instrument.

China Impression costs 249 Euro. Existing users of China Story Erhu, Laurel Pipa and Bamboo Dreams Bawu can pay the differential to upgrade. Details are available at the Supreme Piano site.

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