Novation Intros Launch Control MIDI Controller


Novation today introduced Launch Control – a compact MIDI ‘control panel’, with 16 assignable knobs and eight pads. According to Novation, Launch Control is “ideal for hands-on control of mixers, instruments and effects”.

Launch Control works with all major music software – and with the iPad. Launch Control’s three color pads can be used to play loops and samples, while the knobs can tweak filters, effects, levels, panning, and more.

Here’s the official intro video:

Launch Control is described as ‘the perfect partner for Novation’s Launchpad”. To Launchpad, Launch Control adds 16 knobs and another eight three color launch pads.

With the iPad, Launch Control can be used out of the box with the Launchpad App to trigger samples and effects. Launch Control connects direct to the iPad with the Apple Camera Connection Kit (not included) with no need for a power supply. The Launchpad App allows control of samples with Launch Control’s pads, while using the knobs to tweak filters and change levels to provide a compact and impressive portable performance system.

Launch Control also works with all the major music software on Mac and PC and is fully class-compliant, controlling MIDI-compatible software like Cubase, Reason, Logic and FL Studio with no need for drivers. Both Ableton Live Lite and an extensive Loopmasters sample pack are included.

Launch Control’s 16 knobs and eight launch pads can be set up with templates that let you flip them to control different software parameters. There are eight factory templates and eight of your own to create and play, whatever your choice of software, giving an effective arsenal of up to 448 controls.

Expect street prices for Novation Launch Control to be about $99.

17 thoughts on “Novation Intros Launch Control MIDI Controller

  1. Yes, now we are talking. This is looking really nice. Just a lot of knobs 🙂

    But, hehehe, funny how they use the same tune as for the other new controller they just launched 🙂 Getting lazy guys? 😉

    1. DIN connectors are pretty big to design around, so you don’t see them on any portable MIDI controllers anymore. Most people probably connect to a computer now, too, rather than to hardware.

      Check out the iConnectivity iConnectMIDI2+.

      It’s got a terrible name, but it basically lets you connect any MIDI device to any other MIDI device and route the signals intelligently.

      1. While this is true, it’s worth noting that the iConnectMIDI2+ still requires the use of a computer and DAW to route USB MIDI to hardware MIDI ports. Its big brother the 4+ has USB host capabilities, but it does not. I thought I’d be clever and save money by buying the smaller version, but am starting to suspect that the USB host feature is worth the extra money. Oh well.

  2. I called round to a mates recently and saw a lovely pile of contollers he no longer used.
    My hardware set that includes novation Ks Synths is still going strong.Someone makes a great point a midi controller without midi? WTF. Get making a replacement rack synthesizer that will give Clavia a run for their money!!

  3. Looks really cool, but I can’t use any Novation hardware anymore because I will NEVER install Novation Automap again. It reeks havoc with my computer, and always has.

    1. so don’t install automap, or uninstall it. I can’t stand it either, but novation still makes the best midi control keyboard that i know of…

    1. Yeah!!! what the hell this controller would have been amazing for my sound design work if the pads were velocity sensitive, why not take the pads from the launchkey and add a bank of knobs!!!

  4. This looks pretty great, really. Its hard to find a bank of knobs for real time control that doesn’t also come with a ton of faders and pads I don’t want. I don’t think I would ever use it as advertised, but map the top row to Alchemy and the bottom row to Massive, set it next to my Push, and we have a winner.

  5. Wish this had endless encoders with LED rings around them instead of simple pots.

    Or if the Nocturn could have been a normal USB class compliant MIDI controller like this one so that it could be used on iOS/desktop? without having to also run the Automap Server software.

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