13 thoughts on “Jordan Rudess Home Studio Tour

    1. LOL basically every one of Jordan Rudess’s videos is an ad for Jordan Rudess and his countless sponsor ships, business enterprises, partnerships, etc. He’s an amazing player, if your kind of amazing involves fitting in the maximum number of notes at all times. That seems to impress lots of people, while other people describe such playing with terms like “musical masturbation” or “prog noodling” or “soulless wankery” or …oh I could go on. But alas, it’s time to put on my wizard hat and dress and do the morning’s scale exercises 😉

  1. He skipped the korg Oasis also is that another Kurzweil in his rack by the computer? I think he loves the those Kurzweil’s but they are not offering much sponsor money these days.

  2. I don’t even see why they sponsor him when his fame is with his technical chops not his sound design, most of his sounds are either “rock guitar lead” or “piano”, so if i see rudess shredding the hell out of some keyboard all it tells me is probably the keys probably have good action or whatever but as far as the actual synth engine who knows.

  3. Hi guys, I’m really new to these things 🙂
    When presenting the Novtion SUpernova He says that he could sample the sounds he created for using them on his Kurzweil K2600. I was wondering If you could do the same with the more recent Kurzweil PC3x and maybe you could link me to a site where it’s explained how to do it.

    Anyway beautiful video!

    1. There are several ways to do it, but he probably used Redmatica’s Autosampler (currently in Pending Limbo with Apple, which I see as a good thing) or that guy in the background is trimming the hell out of things with Kontakt or the like. Sampling is a major job and Autosampler made it easy for me to build a hefty library of my hardware-based patches. The fussy part can be trying to trim the ends so the sound speaks properly when triggered. You need to plan carefully, too, because sampling is just a snapshot. You can only modify or treat it so much after the fact. If you are still that new to this, leave any serious sampling for later, when you understand more of the general picture of What and Why. Its not at all a necessity with today’s great synths and massive libraries. Do a Search for ‘software sampler’ and see what comes up. I know there are a couple of useful freebies you could play with as an intro to it.

  4. Jordan’s only “problem” is the same as guitarist Allan Holdsworth’s: too many 64th notes in a row. Of course, the broader view includes the astounding Orchestral block demo he did for the K2600. Astounding.

  5. I can’t stand this guy mainly because his music sucks so badly. He seems a nice chap but boy does his music lack any soul in fact its all cheese.

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